Altimate Foods

Altimate Foods, established in 1993, is an Australian owned ice cream cone manufacturer and supplier.

Today, Altimate Foods produces 20 different sizes and shaped ice cream cones which includes wafer cones, waffle cones and dessert wafers.

Altimate Foods also supplies major supermarket and restaurant chains, cafes, gelato and juice bars, throughout Australia and New Zealand.


We believe that when talents come together, something beautiful will grow out of it. Throughout our history, we have been inspired by the perfectionism of Belgian chocolate makers, to develop the premium chocolates they can rely on. In turn, our chocolates inspire them to new heights of creativity.

Today Callebaut’s chocolate references such as 811 and 823 are chosen by confectioners, pastry chefs and chocolatiers all over the world. They have become global standards, often copied but never equalled in taste, quality and reliability.


At Chefmaster, we believe that life is colorful. Whether it’s baking cupcakes for a birthday party or adding lakes at an industrial level, we understand what it takes to make high-quality dispersions and solutions for a variety of food color applications.

With over 75 years of experience in coloring edible products, we are experts at color formulation and matching. Our custom Chefmaster food color blends are designed to meet your unique creations, products and packaging needs.

Chefmaster has a strong commitment to the changing needs to our customers, and is proud to say we’ve developed some of the best natural food color products on the market.


The Darbo family started making preserves in the pre-war Austrian town of Görz, in 1879.

The company, A. Darbo AG (Adolf Darbo Aktiengesellschaft), can look back on more than 130 years of experience and know-how in fruit processing and bottling honey, and is today the clear market leader on the traditional Austrian preserve and honey market.

In addition to the production of preserves and honey, Darbo also produces fruit spreads, Syrup, jelly, desserts and compotes, tea syrup, fruit snacks like Fruchtikus and fruit slices, and Diabetic-products. Darbo’s high-quality products are also supplied to catering establishments, the dairy industry, fruits preparation and bakery businesses.

Dawn Foods

At Dawn Foods, we know that our customers and families everywhere count on our family to make moments memorable. That’s why we combine unmatched international manufacturing and distribution capabilities with our expertise, commitment and innovation to create bakery solutions for people all around the world.

We supply a complete line of quality, consistent mixes, bases, icings, glazes, fillings, frozen dough, par-baked and fully baked products and equipment to the food industry – worldwide.


Success is in details.

That is what we believe at Dobla. It allows us to work on our chocolate decorations with fun, attention and love. That is how the founders of our company did it in 1956, and that is how we still to it today. After all, our products may be small, their impact is huge. With our decorations, customers can give their cakes, desserts or patisserie a unique appearance. From chic and understated to exuberant and expressive.

And always innovative, surprising and of excellent quality. Flexible towards our customers, but disciplined in our work. Because we are a food manufacturer, meaning that we make no concessions when it comes to quality. Food safety is our first priority, all of our decorations consist only of high quality ingredients.

Distillerie Du Perigord

The Distillerie du Périgord Company stems from the Distillerie Lapouge, founded by Émile Lapouge in 1860.

Renowned for the quality of its fruit eaux-de-vies, the Company expanded its activity in 1980 to include production of fruit in liqueur: ready-packaged products for the consumer market and bulk items intended for processing. The Distillery has earned its worldwide recognition through its expertise in gastronomy and its well-known terroir.

At the end of the 1980s, the Distillerie du Périgord chose to specialize in producing fruit in liqueur for three types of clientele, spread harmoniously over the mass retail sector, traditional trade, industry and the artisan market (ice cream makers, chocolate makers and pastry chefs).

We make some of the world’s most best-known liqueurs in our cellars, located right at the heart of the Black Perigord region. We invite you to come along and discover them in our boutique, in the centre of Sarlat, on the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.


For many decades we have been a strong partner for bakers and confectioners, for manufacturers of sweets and ice cream and also for the food industry – both at home and abroad.

Our ongoing aim is to create new flavours and to make the existing basis even better. This of course includes a first-class service – from the first contact to the product presentation and from the development of a product to the global marketing support in your company.

All of these factors together contribute to the uniqueness of our company. This all distinguishes Dreidoppel as a reliable, innovative and unparalleled partner for all those who want to make good things even better. Our contribution to this aim is doing what we do best – a unique world of recipes, flavours and raw materials.


The number one yeast brand known in Belize (formerly British Honduras, a country on the eastern coast of Central America), is high-quality professional product to which thousands of bakers worldwide trust.

Economic instant yeast that guarantees great baking results for any dough products: bread and bakery products, long loafs, rolls, baguettes, square loaf.

Frosty Boy

Frosty Boy Australia is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a range of powdered desert bases including soft serve, frozen yoghurt and beverages.

Since establishing in 1976, Frosty Boy has established itself as a leader in the food and beverage market, along with expanding their product range to include toppings & syrups, catering & food service products and equipment.


For nearly 80 years, we have been striving to create products of the highest quality. Natural, selected ingredients and innovative professional recipes give cooks the confidence that they are serving top quality meals each time every day. Every speciality from Hilcona surprises with a full, authentic flavour that will delight even the most discerning palate with refined spices.

This is because we only use first-class raw materials for our range, including original durum wheat, seasonal vegetables and quality meat. As an innovative food manufacturer, we are already thinking about tomorrow today – and not only with respect to our latest creations. In that sense, we continue to follow the standards of our Hilcona product guarantee.


Made in Sweden with a unique outer texture that creates a feel just like when using a canvas piping bag, you won’t believe the Hygo Max is disposable. From the no-flange seam and smooth flow inner surface to the double-sealed seams and hygienic benefits of a disposable bag, it is no wonder Hygo Max piping bags is the preferred choice by professional cake decorators everywhere.


As a partner of the bakeries, IREKS is known worldwide for first-class baking ingredients and creative product ideas. With manifold services we accompany bakers and confectioners in more than 90 countries as providers of ideas, consultants and problem-solvers.

A team of over 2,600 employees is personally at the side of the bakers and confectioners all around the globe. This is mainly done by more than 400 highly-qualified Field Service staff from 30 nations – all master bakers and master confectioners.

First-class baking ingredients, made from the best grain and other high quality natural raw materials, are combined at IREKS with creative product ideas and attractive recipes. In this way, we provide strong impulses with which each bakery can develop its own individual profile further.


Welcome to GELITA – the world’s leading supplier of collagen proteins for the food, health & nutrition and pharmaceutical industries and for numerous technical applications.

Gelatine, collagen peptides and collagen: these are the ingredients from which our products are made for the markets of today and tomorrow. Our leitmotif is quite simple: we wish to get better and better all the time – in everything we do!

We are thus more than just a supplier of ingredients; we see ourselves more as a provider of new ideas and as a furnisher of overall solutions for our customers in helping them in the development, realization and marketing of innovative products so that they can obtain decisive competitive advantages.


Based in Karlsruhe of Germany, Kondima Engelhardt GmbH & Co. KG is a mid-sized supplier of high-quality chocolate, marzipan paste, and other semi-finished products for confectionery applications.

The company’s mission is to protect the environment, its natural resources, the health of their employees and the general public while identifying the various processes, products and services to meet the expectations of customers. The clear allocation of responsibilities under its management system for all employees has provided defined and systematic execution of the commitment and objectives of the company.


The Lindt & Sprüngli Group – premium chocolate since more than 170 years.

Lindt & Sprüngli is recognized as a leader in the market for premium quality chocolate, offering a large selection of products in more than 120 countries around the world. During 170 years of Lindt & Sprüngli’s existence, it has become known as one of the most innovative and creative companies making premium chocolate.

The beginnings of Lindt & Sprüngli are in 1845, when father and son for the first time manufactured solid chocolate in their small confectionery Sprüngli & Son, at that time yet a partnership. Since then, the company has gone through many different eras, but the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making chocolate that drove both the Sprüngli family as well as Rodolphe Lindt, when he invented the first truly melting chocolate and later on sold his business to Sprüngli, are still alive.

Today, quality chocolate products by Lindt & Sprüngli are made at 12 own production sites in Europe and the USA. They are distributed by 24 subsidiary companies and branch offices, in more than 300 own stores, and also via a comprehensive network of more than 100 independent distributors around the globe.


With 26 locations in ten German regions and around 7,500 employees, the DMK GROUP is Germany’s largest dairy company, obtaining its raw milk from more than 8,300 active dairy farmers. The cooperative-based company headquartered in Zeven, Lower Saxony, processed around 6.7 billion kilos of milk in the year under review to make internationally recognised quality products for retailers, food manufacturers and bulk consumers.

With a turnover of 4.6 billion euros, the DMK GROUP is also one of the leaders of the European dairy industry. DMK is present in more than 100 countries all over the world with strong brands such as MILRAM, Osterland, Oldenburger, Rose, Humana, Casarelli, Intact, Biolabor, hansal and NORMI. The product range covers the spectrum from basic milk products and cheese through dairy ingredients for food manufacturing to baby food, ice cream and health products.


Pastarom Paste is just the answer for all pastry chefs looking for contemporary flavouring compositions based on the latest technology.

It is the perfect solution for those looking for a versatile flavouring paste to flavour all kinds of desserts, mousses and ice cream with just one product.

All flavours are perfectly balanced flavouring compositions, which give the finished products an excellent, characteristic flavour and a colour typical of the product.

Pastarom Paste can be used for dairy cream mousses, yoghurts, pastry creams, non-dairy mousses, desserts, dairy ice cream, fruit ice cream. An average quantity of addition of 40 g per 1 basic product is recommended to achieve perfect results. Pastarom Paste does not contain alcohol and is free of artificial flavourings.


Prenzel is an International award winning fruit distillery, which has specialised in combining  European tradition with New Zealand’s vibrant flavours, to create unique and exquisite food and beverage products.

Prenzel’s wide range of products encompasses fruit brandies, limited edition liqueurs, schnapps, infused rice bran oils and sea salts, gourmet vinegars and much more. Prenzel also has a food service department producing  Australasia’s largest range of natural culinary concentrates and gels for the hospitality and food manufacturing sectors.


Pruvé is a brand of Smilde Bakery, a division of Royal Smilde est. 1863. With half a century of experience in making puff pastry and meringue products, the roots of Pruvé go deep down in the artisan bakery industry. Their meringue rounds and decoration, “ready to garnish” pastry shells, creamhorns, sweet and savoury snacks are also sought after by customers in retail, foodservice and the baking industry. Product range includes both ambient and frozen products.

Pruvé’s manufacturing plant is based in Edam. We are Europe’s biggest and most efficient manufacturer of creamhorns and puff pastry shells, but part of our strength is that we also offer flexible tailor made and private label solutions for many of our customers and distributors.

We are market leader in the Netherlands, but we also have distributors worldwide, serving foodservice and retail in Europe, the US, Brazil and EMEA- continuously expanding our global scale. Our customers value Pruvé for our expertise, our undisputable reliability, cost efficiency and our efforts to translate specific customer requests into a great tasting product that meets their consumers’ expectations. Examples include clean label snacks for a retailer, snacks with local origin meat for a food service chain and a meringue product for a large QSR customer.


With 150 year history of creating the finest pastries and breads, Schulstad Bakery Solutions is a brand that stands proudly upon its heritage and expertise, whilst embracing the most modern baking techniques.

Schulstad Bakery Solutions supply partners with innovative bakery products and solutions which enable them to provide their customers with delicious, high quality and memorable meal times.

Their product range includes Danish and French pastries, breads and buns for all meal occasions, as well as leading products for eating on-the-go.


Located in northern Italy, near Cremona, and founded in 1984, SOLCHIM S.r.l. is a leading company, in Italy and abroad, which specializes in the production and filling of aerosol cans.

In line with its objectives of development and continuous innovation, in 2005, management at SOLCHIM decided to invest in the creation of a line of food spray products, equipping a production facility dedicated exclusively to these products. During the same year, SOLCHIM obtained a health authorization for the production and packaging of technological aids, food additives, foodstuffs, and food.

Right from the start, a fruitful collaboration began with University Laboratories, aimed at guaranteeing the consumer increasingly reliable controls and anticipating the demands of the market through the development of new products.

Today, SOLCHIM offers a range of food products under its own brand or “private label”, ranging from non-stick cooking sprays to food colouring for decorating sweets, cocoa butter spray, and gelatin for garnishing fruit desserts.

Trisco Foods

Trisco Foods is an Australian company, owned and operated by the Tristram family. The family has developed an enviable reputation for quality, service and expertise in the food manufacturing industry over five generations, dating back to 1875.

Trisco Food’s production and warehousing facility is located in Brisbane with quick access to local and international markets via modern air and sea terminals. Many of the raw materials are grown and processed locally in the rich subtropical area of South East Queensland, ensuring reliability of delivery, quality and service.

Zott Zottis

Welcome to Zott Dairy!

We are a third-generation Bavarian family company, steeped in tradition. Experience indulgence and quality, first-hand. At our facilities, we have been producing a variety of yoghurt, dessert and cheese specialities for 90 years. These products are available in more than 75 countries around the world.

Our passion is for our brands, for milk and indulgence. Innovation, quality, partnerships with milk producers and the sustainable production of our products are all key values for us.