Metisano™ Chocolates

Crafting Exceptional Pralines from only Couverture. Daily.

Since 1993, Metisano™ – a result of a fixed marriage by Win Sin, from the worlds “Meticulous” and “Artisan”. Metisano™ chocolatiers continue to represent a conscientious commitment to excellence in chocolate craftsmanship and production, constantly refined.

Today at Metisano™, we take the art of chocolate creation further. It is a philosophy, a standard we abide by almost religiously, that we produce nothing short of sensual divinity. We only stretched the ability to mass produce pralines. Everything else is left intact, the ingredients, the science, and the art. Every morsel of chocolate that leaves our door bears our hallmark quality and freshness. Nothing is hurried or cheapened, as chocolate work requires time, select recipes and careful preparation.

Meaningfully, we aspire to be the global chocolatier of choice, with the ability to deliver excellent value. To you, it means assurance of chocolates unlike any other on this planet. To us, it’s the well-earned pride of being world-class chocolatiers.

Hot Pans™

If a Hot Pans™ cookie could talk, it would sing. – Kin

Win Sin’s Wholesome Ingredients Pledge features very clearly here:

If we will not eat it, we will not make it.

From our renowned 99% butter Puff pastry sheets to our Almost Famous pure butter cookies, to the industry-standard tray cakes and to the bite-sized morsels of pure cookie bliss, we zealously go about our work in our AVA Grade-A, ISO and HACCP certified kitchen to ensure our five-star clients get nothing short of top-line bakery and pastry produce.

Hot Pans™ is brand of Win Sin, and continues its leading position as a brand of choice in Singapore’s crowded HORECA segment.

Key product lines include gourmet cookies, muffins and cakes.